Current release: 1.2.1:

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  • Updated battle UI
  • Updated storage UI
  • Put the "Move" command on the top for convenience
  • Updated Pokegear design and Pokegear UI
  • Updated region map
  • Updated badge case design
  • Updated location signs
  • Added new battle intro graphic for villainous team
  • Fixed tinting in Kalahari houses
  • Fixed some passability bugs
  • Fixed event issue on Route 6
  • Fixed possible event issue on Route 7
  • Fixed follower talking twice bug
  • Fixed map locations in pokedex
  • Aychem follower now changes formes automatically
  • Follower now disappears if it's fainted after a battle
  • Did QC on Pokemon data (egg moves, heights, weights, stats, dex entries, etc)
  • Added Stealth Rock and Leech Seed animations
  • Added more Pokemon animations
  • Redesigns:
  • Moderate: Goblat
  • Major: Hisschance, Charmeow
  • The region's name is now "Kroma" (previously unnamed)
  • Added dialogue and various events
  • Major map changes to Pokemon Centers, caves, every outdoor map, and some indoor maps.
  • Route 9 and Route 10 are now merged into one large route (Route 9). The maps are still split up internally to reduce lag.
  • Flower Shop in Sahara City is removed. It will come into play later.
  • Avoid saving in these maps before updating. If you are stuck, use your older version of the game to move your character to a safe spot (gates and most house interiors are unchanged, so try using these)
  • Added new areas
  • Tileset changes and various tile issues fixed
  • Character sprites are now gen 5 style. Some redesigns and overworld sprite updates
  • Misc sprite improvements
  • Most Pokemon and Trainers are now animated in battle.
  • Multiple Pokemon redesigns
  • Minor: Spectrain, Rypeck, Rybeak, Platsplash, Minore, Coalspine, Crecoon, Pansurge, Pesteon
  • Moderate: Cocombat, Flydra, Pajambaz, Parabox
  • Major: Rotant, Eleclee
  • Character customization now added
  • Skin and hair color can be swapped
  • Clothes can be unlocked through the game and changed at Pokemon Centers.
  • Changed how NPC speech works. Speech bubbles now point to the character speaking
  • Following Pokemon feature added. Currently only works with certain Pokemon (the ones with finished sprites). More sprites will be rolled out in later updates.
  • New moves:
  • Cocombat now learns a signature move called "Coconut Drop" at level 27. It's a physical Grass-type move that has a chance to confuse the opponent. Damage is based on the difference between the user and opponent's weight, similar to Heavy Slam.
  • Wallopy learns a new move called "Fisticuff." It's a trapping move akin to Bind.
  • Platsplash now learns a new move called "Mind Control." This does the same thing as Foul Play, except it's Psychic-type.
  • Pajambaz now learns "Dreamtime" at level 23. This puts the user to sleep for two turns while raising its each of its stats by one stage.
  • Pajambaz also learns "Sheep Count" at level 45. This has the same effect and accuracy as Spore except it may affect Grass-types.
  • Minore learns Rocky Terrain. Reduces HP of non Rock-type, non airborne Pokemon everywhere on the field by 1/16 and cuts their speed for 5 turns
  • Cut is now optionally available to use on any compatible Pokemon other than Aychem. You must get the TM separately from a new NPC hidden in a new area.
  • Lowered encounter rate for cave areas
  • Thunder Stone now obtainable from a NPC, making two new evolutions available (+ Jolteon)
  • Drakeon is now in Gobi Village to get Pokemon Eggs
  • Modified night time tinting for better visibility
  • Updated music in every map along with most sound effects
  • Updated the title screen and the intro leading up to it
  • Updated the intro upon starting a new game
  • Reduced the shiny rate slightly
  • Reduced encounter rate of official Pokemon in wild battles and made them less frequent in Trainer battles.
  • The game is now using essentials v16.1, so it comes with all of v16's standard features. Run toggle can be set in the options now rather than pressing the S key.
  • Changed Pokedex and Summary GUIs
  • 2 new Pokemon lines added in a new area of the game
  • Added a badge case to the trainer card
  • Added Day Care checker scene made by -FL-. This is unlocked via a Pokegear app given by a NPC.
  • Added shiny sprites for every animated Pokemon
  • Second gym gives a new TM
  • Misc minor bug fixes (typos, NPCs without dialogue, etc)

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