Hey guys this Rakkikyatto here, I'm going add links to pages on the wiki that currently could use some renovation here and add reasons on what needs to added or changed to them in my opinion to help us fix up this wiki. Hope this does not feel to intrusive to my fellow editors. Please feel free to add your opinions on pages that should be added in your opinion such as important npcs, important item locations, and etc. below in the comment section. I will add or delete items on this page as we clear up items on the wiki.

Please update each of the pokedex numbers on the pokemon pages to reflect the pokedex numbers located on pokedex page.

TM page needs to have its tms added in  Needs the bottom part of its information fixed such as moves, evolutions, trivia, and evolution chart.

Goblat needs a page of it put up. It is currently located on color rock so can someone catch it or decompile its data to create its page, I'm currently trying to get a shiny Pyroo after restarting from the first gym so I can't reach any locations yet.

Dynatite is the same as above.  Needs to be fixed up Needs to be fixed up Needs to be fixed up Needs to be fixed can someone evolve their Goblat or datamine to add the information to the page Needs to be fixed Lunalisk can be found at color rock so can someone try to catch it to update its info or datamine it  Same as above Needs fixing, not sure if it is obtainable yet though  Along with other monkeys needs to be fixed except for Pansurge and Simisurge; Pansear needs fixing in terms of moveset  Needs to be finished  Moveset needs fixing  Availbility needs fixing or better clarification if the Pilove needs to clarifty evolution Evolution part where it says high friendship needs fixing and pokedex entry needs to added if in game  Evolution chart needs to be updated due to information on Larvuzz's page (can somehow test this before updating it first though) Needs moveset fixing and clarity on what rarity it is on the route Needs to be made, reason why its empty is because I found the page before talking badly about the pokemon so I had to delete it  I read from a post by Kojo that Olvee evolves from leveling up in caves and forests can someone test this and if its works then update Olvee's information  Needs bottom portion of page added  Same as above. Same as above.  Same as above plus additional forms need to be added. Unsure about this one being in the game but needs to be fixed or deleted Needs fixing

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