Hey guys this Rakkikyatto here, I'm going add links to pages on the wiki that currently could use some renovation here and add reasons on what needs to added or changed to them in my opinion to help us fix up this wiki. Hope this does not feel to intrusive to my fellow editors. Please feel free to add your opinions on pages that should be added in your opinion such as important npcs, important item locations, and etc. below in the comment section. I will add or delete items on this page as we clear up items on the wiki.

Pokemon front,back,shiny sprites in general need to be added in

Moves and abilitiesneed to be added into the wiki

Many unobtainable pokemon pages need to be added

in the second half of the Pokédex(from Kangy.), although they are mostly added,

  • gender ratio,
  • catch rate,
  • egg group,
  • exp yield,
  • ev yield, color,
  • experience group,
  • held items
  • level 1 moves
  • and breeding moves

need confirmation. Some of that data may belong to another species, especially if it is not normally obtainable through playthrough (i.e. high level evolutions)