• Hi, I see you have done some great stuff supporting this wikia, and I am new to editing the pages, and currently trying to improve the Pokedex of this wikia.

    I edited the Wikia page for Shrimbur, and I noticed that by Cocombat and family that there is a round circle around the sprites in the Evolution section.

    I would love to add this into Shrimbur and co, but I cannot see any difference inside the code, and even the sprite of Cocombat is only a .pgn file without being edited into a green background or anything like that ^^;

    Can you help me? ^^

    Yes, I was also the one to edit the pages of Drabi, Prospergon and Draternal ^^

    Thank you very much :3

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    • Aw, thank you!

      I think the issue with that is just the background of them-the Cocombat family has their backgrounds transparent, while your Shrimbur image has a white background covering the circle Rakkikyatto made a transparent one, so I'll just update the image!

      Thanks for all your help!

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    • Wow thank you for your fast reply! I saw that my Drabi sprite had the same problem.

      I use a printscreen, edit the picture with Paint to erase the "background", but it is indeed a white background.

      What program do you use? Maybe I can help instead of uploading wrong sprites! ^^; I'm sorry you have to edit my sprites again! ^^;

      Your reply was very helpful! Thank you!^^

      Oh one more question: is there a method to know the 'learnset' of all the Pokemon? For example, Shrimbur doesn't have alot of info on it's "Learnset by leveling up". Can we 'break' the game to access this data from the game instantly?^^

      Thank you!^^

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    • Aw, don't worry, it's not at all a problem!

      I don't know what program Rakkikyatto used for transparency, but I use paintdotnet ( ) to make my images transparent. (You can set where you edit, too, so you don't have to worry about erasing important stuff!(

      I know there's a way to look at the game's data to discover movesets, but unfortunately, I don't know exactly how that works. I think it involves opening the game in RPG Maker, but I don't yet have that software. I'm hoping to get it soon, though!

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    • Thank you for your info ^^

      I'm going to try that thing out! ^^ 

      Yes, it would have been a great value for this wikia if we had that RPG Maker ^^

      Why did you start playing this game and editing the pages? ^^

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    • Any time! Hope you like the program!

      Hm.... Not sure when I first found it-I think I found it through a review posted by Oripoke, but I can't remember when that was. I know I started editing around October last year.

      How about you?

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    • Hi, sorry for my late reaction ^^;

      I saw it being played on Youtube, then I instantly liked the designs of the (Fake)Pokemon and the music of this game. It was around 3 weeks ago that I started playing this game! ^^

      I hardly ever play any Fake Pokemon games, but this one was special ^^ I found this wikia about the game and it lacked alot of info, and I saw that you could edit the info of the wikia yourself!

      So, I was interested in how to create these pages and edits. I first encountered a wild Molune in Gobi Forest at night, and it wasn't in the Pokedex info, and wanted to add it. I learned I had to subscribe myself as a member to edit the pages. I had never done something like that before, and it was first hard how to do it the correct way. Trying to make the pages of the Elemental monkeys, working in the 'source mode' was the way to go, and picking the example from Opossol to work on it^^ I found it interesting that the pages of the Pokemon have the same layout as Bulbapedia's ^^

      Thank you for answering my questions! ^^ It was very helpful ^^ 

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    • Tech do you happen to know how to set up spilt evo lines such as Eevee and Olvee or can we not do that since the evo box temp was not designed for that? Yo what's up Bluestar1989 nice to have you helping with the wiki. Just a tip when you want to link pages together like route 9 then you should brackets like route 9 in the coding. If you need any help on pics just feel free to ask I don't bite. Also may I suggest trying out Uranium and Etheral Gates both are also really good fan made pokemon.

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    • Thank you for the kind comment Rakkikyatto ^^

      I'm going great and you?^^ I see you are doing also a great deal of editing and renewing the pages of this wikia!^^ If there is anything I need to know, please let me know.

      Of course, when I edit a page or create a new page, there are some information I do not know about the Pokemon like it's egg group, base stats etc.

      I often use an already made page to start working on a new one. 

      Which program do you use in editing the sprites? I  currently installing Is that a good one?^^

      Is there a way to know the moveset or level up moves from the Pokémon? I heard about RPG Maker...

      Thank you!^^ I will try out Pokemon Uranium and Etheral Gates when I finish this game! Thanks for the tip^^

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    • I'm doing well, using a page as base template is a good idea and I often do that as well just be careful with what information you leave in the page. Also I noticed under the Eleclee page you listed it as evolving through thunder stone is that leftover from the Pansurge page or is it true? I can't test it since I used my thunderstone.

      I use photoshop that comes free with my school.. It's an expensive program so I recommend you keep using paint if you know how to use it.

      I don't exactly how to access the games coding to find out the moveset of each pokemon and don't know exactly 100% know but I think it runs on Pokemon Essentials which is a modified version of rpg maker.

      No problem, Pokemon Uranium is the game I suggest the most, super fun and it is actually completely finished, the wiki has everything up to date, and there are forums to talk to others about the game if you wish.

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    • About Eleclee, yes, I tried it just an hour ago and it can evolve by using the Thunder Stone! Because I didn't used it on Pansurge yet! I checked if it also worked at Eleclee and yes, it does evolve by Thunder Stone. I was thinking (my Eleclee is only level 12, should I train it more and at a later point evolve it? Because also with Pikachu evolving into Raichu early on, it doesn't learn anything new moves while Pikachu does...)

      Wow, I just used and turned the Eleclee Sprite into one without a white background; meaning it's transparent now! ^^ I learn alot from you guys! ^^ I updated the sprite now^^

      Is it worth getting "Pokemon Essentials"? Don't know yet how to do get that program ^^;

      I hear alot about Pokemon Uranium! Even some guy plays it on Youtube! 

      About the finishing part; does Pokemon Spectrum get an update any soon? ^^ I'm not finished with the game yet ^^;

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    • I see, good to know about its evo info.

      That's good to hear.

      No idea.. although I believe its free.

      We got an update last week through Kojo through this site no word on release date.

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    • Thank you for your helpfulness and information ^^

      Actually, about Eleclee, I saved the game, and gave it the Thunder Stone. Then I took some images of it's evolution and shut down the game without saving. So I could help this more then letting Pansurge evolve ^^; The sprites of Eleclee and Volglee are updated with transparant background.

      IF there is an update for the game, do we need to start the game all over again?

      I see, I can check Pokemon Essentials some time and I hope I can use it to know the movesets of every Pokemon^^ Catching, raising and evolving those Pokemon is alot of work, only to get info from them ^^;

      Oh one last question: do you know in-game where to get Fly or the Bicycle? Running around is fine, but I would like one of these 2 ^^

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    • Do you use screen caps to get your images? You can access the actual images in the games files go Pokemon Spectrum 1.21 -> graphics -> battlers and then you'll find the images of all of the pokemon with their front and back sprites. Edit the first one in the animation chain and make it into a png and then you should have a more high quality image. The icons are in the icons folder as well.

      Fly and Bicycle are not in the game at the moment.

      No I don't believe you have to start all over again. Kojo seems to create ways for your save file to transfer over to future updates. That's actually what the man in the pokemon center is for.

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