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  • (sorry to leave the message here, figured the conversation had gotten away from me on the other thread)

    We can definitely do that! It's true that our templates right now aren't set up for that, but that's not a problem-most wikis just add another template for different evolution types. I just added one as Evobox-1branch9-is nine branches too much?

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    • No nine is the perfect amount for both Olvee and Eevee as they both have nine evo stages. Also I set up an evo box too. It's Evobox-1 I created it for single evo pokemon. I used it in the Weeemu page not sure if its set up correctly though mind checking the coding on it? Do you know how to edit the route pokemon found templete? I think we should include a time of day section as Spinark, Ledyba, and Molune are only found at certain times.

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    • I'll check it out!

      It actually has one ready! To add it in, catch/header needs to have |2=yes included in the source code, which will add in the headers. catch/entry will then have three values that you can put in for morning, day, and night, but for Pokemon where it doesn't matter, you can put all=x% and it'll act like it was just the normal header.

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    • Thanks, I had to create another template for Olvee as I miscounted and it has only 8 evos. So do you happen to know how to make collapsibles? Can you make Tepig on the Route 9 page a collapsible to avoid spoilers unless they click on it? Also do you think the grunts should be listed under special trainers or just trainers?

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    • Sure thing! (But could you point me to where it is on the page? I'm having trouble finding it)

      I think probably just trainers, unless their parties are particularly strong.

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    • It's on this page, I meant route 5.. sorry about that. Ok, got it.

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    • Gotcha!

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    • A Fandom user
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